UHV Tecnologies

UHV Tecnologies

RMP srl owns the know how and more than 25 years of experience in the realization of the high precision mechanics for UHV.
The design, manufacturing and tests of high precision mechanical motion systems, that can be mounted inside or outside the vacuum chambers, is the core business of RMP srl. The assembly guarantees up to six degrees of freedom position mechanisms (less than 0.1 μm of linear positioning precision and less than 0.1 μrad of angular one) with the aim of precisely managing the positions of the optical elements along the radiation path.
These motion systems can be manually or motor driven with integrated computer controls. Because of the high energy, the elements are often cooled using water or liquid nydrogen circuits which must preserve both UHV environment and elements’ motion possibilities.

RMP realized one UHV θ / 2θ goniometer for ESRF, it is represented in gallery:
ESRF - UHV 6-axis goniometer

RMP realized one Langmuir probes (with up to 36 electrodes) capable of fast introduction and extraction (cycle time t ≤ 0.1s) for the FTU (Frascati Tokamak Upgrade).
The motion system is hydraulic with remote controls.

RMP realized an UHV chamber for graphite desorption analysis.
Chamber internal walls were completely treated to guarantee an extremely low environment pressure.

RMP realized a neutron spectrometer, installed at the ISIS source as well as a special geometry (trumpet) Aluminum chamber for the detection of low angle forward scattered neutrons.

RMP realized one vacuum cryo-cooled manipulator for neutron experiments.

RMP designed, manufactured and tested one CVD and two MBE complete deposition systems for the Italian National Research Council.

RMP srl designed, manufactured and tested AFM-STM-SNOM microscopes.

Samples are shown in the gallery:

  • 5 degrees of freedom UHV sample manipulator equipped with heating and cooling stages
  • ELETTRA - High precision stages
  • ELETTRA - high precision mechanics
  • ELETTRA - high precision mechanics_1
  • ELETTRA - high precision filter selector
  • HORIBA - High temperature sample holder
  • HORIBA - XYZRz high precision stage





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